What a China Police Certificate Looks Like

Imagine that you just got a China police certificate through your friend in China and you are about to submit it to Canadian immigration authorities for your immigration application. You may wonder whether it is the right document that the Canadian government wants. In this article, I will demonstrate the correct format of a China police certificate (also locally known as certificate of no criminal record) required by immigration authorities of the USA, Canada, Australia, the U.K. and New Zealand.

The Correct Format for Use in Canada, Australia, U.K. and New Zealand

Below is the correct format that is acceptable to Canada, Australia, immigration authorities except for USA.

It is issued by a notary.

A red chop affixed on page 2 represents the authority of a local notary office and validates the document. The certificate is officially referred to as Certificate of No Criminal Record.

It always comes with an English translation.

A notarial police certificate always comes with an English translation. Page 2 is a word-to-word translation of page 1.

Occasionally, someone asked me if it is a mistake that there’s no red chop on page 2. The answer is “No”. We’ve seen hundreds of notarial police clearance certificates and their translation pages always come with no red chop. Certificates in this format have been accepted by immigration authorities of USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

It states that you have no criminal record for a specific period(s).

The standard format has a paragraph (indicated on page 2) stating that you have no criminal record for a specific period(s) of your residence in China. Please note that for immigration applications, you are typically required to get a certificate covering your entire stay in China.

Make sure you have requested the notary office to cover all the periods as needed. However, the notary may or may not agree to issue a certificate covering all the requested periods. For example, if you don’t have sufficient evidence of your residence during a period, the completed certificate may not cover that period.

Additional Two Pages for U.S. Immigration Only

In addition to the above pages, China police certificates for purposes of U.S. immigration also come with an additional two pages. These two pages simply certify the accuracy of the English translation shown on page 2. The reason why having these pages is that the U.S. government has regulations about translations of documents submitted for immigration application. The regulations require that the translator certify the English translation as complete and accurate. 1 You don’t need to tell the notary office to include these two pages, because the notary will know which format to use as soon as you explain to them that the certificate will be used in the U.S.

Sample Notarial Police Clearance Certificate for U.S. Immigration

“Non-Notarial” Police Certificate Is Not Acceptable for Immigration Purposes

Apart from notary offices, local public security bureaus (PSB) may also play a role in the issuance of police certificates. Taking the city of Shenzhen as an example. An applicant who needs a police certificate from Shenzhen is required to first obtain a “non-notarial” police certificate at Shenzhen PSB and then submit it to a local notary for getting the final version for immigration purposes.

Non-notarial police certificates are generally not acceptable for immigration purposes. All immigration authorities mentioned in this article have instructions that specifically require immigration applicants to get notarial China police certificates.

“Non-notarial” police certificate issued by Shenzhen PSB


Hopefully, this article is helpful for those who are going to obtain a China police certificate. Please don’t hesitate to leave any comments about this article. I’d love to improve the article with your valuable advice.

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  1. See 8CFR 103.2(b)(3).

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