We help foreigners obtain China police clearance certificates.

We are a GREAT agency that provides services for getting your China police clearance certificate. If you are interested in hirng us, please click the below button to get started.

Document titled police certificate

Why hire us to obtain your police certificate from China.

We are a small China company specialized in obtaining China police clearance certificate for people who are not citizens of China. Although small, we consider ourselves as a top agency in this field. With experience in more than 30 cities, our extensive network covers almost the entire country. As we have dealt with all kinds of local authorities in China, we are good at navigating through the complex network of bureaucracy. Our clients like us, because we respond quickly, give updates regularly and spare no efforts in getting the job done

What exactly we do to help you obtain it.

If you choose to hire us, we will do the followings to obtain your China police clearance certificate:

  • Research local procedures and required documents;
  • Gather documents including but not limited to Temporary Residence Registration Form, employer/ school no conviction letter and Chinese translation;
  • File applications in person on your behalf; and
  • Pick up the certificate upon appvoal and mail the original document to you; or
  • If your application is rejected by the local authority, we will prepare a statement detailing our efforts in obtaining the certificate. (For more info, see What if a China police clearance certificate is unobtainable?

Our price for the service.

Our service fee starts at 600 U.S. dollars per certificate and the final quote depends on how much work is required of your case. The fee covers all expenses that will incur in China, including application fees, English-Chinese translation fees and one international express mailing fee. 

Who need a China police clearance certificate?

Police clearance certificate (PCC) from China is officially referred to by China authorities as Certificate of No Criminal Record (CNCR). See what it looks like. Since it certifies whether a person has any criminal records in China, foreigners who have lived in China often need it for immigration to U.S.Canada, Austrlia, New Zealand, etc.

One certificate for each city

China does not have a central authority that issues police certificates. Instead, local authorities in each city are in charge of the issuance. If an applicant is not a citizen of China, each certificate will only cover the time when the applicant lived in the city. If you have lived in multiple cities, you may need a separate certificate for each city. 

How to apply