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We help foreign nationals get diploma authentication for working in China. The authentication is done by China Ministry of Education (MOE).

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About Diploma Authentication for Working in China

If you are a foreigner who applies to work in China as a Foreign Professional Talent (Category B), you must have your diploma/degree authenticated. The Service Guide on Foreigner’s Work Permit issued by China national authorities provides that diplomas/degrees must be authenticated by one of the followings: (1) overseas China consulates, (2) foreign consulates in China or (3) the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) of the China Ministry of Education (MOE). Among the three options, China MOE authentication is the easiest one for foreign nationals living outside of China. 

CSCSE is a public institution directly under MOE. CSCSE mainly provides services to the public in relation to international studies, including the authentication for diplomas/degrees from colleges and universities outside of China. CSCSE verifies a diploma by contacting the foreign academic institution that issued the diploma. Upon verification, CSCSE will issue a digital diploma authentication certificate. (Starting June 2019, CSCSE no longer issues paper authentication certificates.)

CSCSE can authenticate diplomas/degrees issued by many higher education institutions around the world. There is a List of Foreign Higher Educational Institutions Recognized by China Government. CSCSE may be able to authenticate a diploma even if issuing unviersity is not on the list. However, we believe the list is a good guidance about whether your diploma can be authenticated by CSCSE.

4-STEPs to Work with Us to Obtain Your Diploma Authentication


Prepare Documents

Make high-quality scans of the required documents according to the instruction below.


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Click the “PLACE YOUR ORDER” button to start filling a form and upload the documents.


Make Payment

Make a payment after we confirm your order by email and provide you with a Payment Instruction.


Receive Certificate

Receive your digital certificate of diploma authentication in 10 to 20 working days.

Documents Required for Applying for Diploma Authentication for Working in China

If you are interested in working with us to obtain your diploma authentication certificate, make sure to prepare digital copies of the following documents before you place an order.

Please make a high-resolution scanned copy for each document. Copies made by a camera or a smart phone app are not acceptable.


Your current passport ID page is required. If you studied outside of your home country, also provide the passport that you used to travel, including the ID page and pages with visas and exit/entry stamps. See sample passports, including unacceptable examples.


If your diploma/degree has two versions in two languages, provide both versions. See sample diplomas/degrees, including unacceptable examples.


The purpose of signing this declaration is to authorize China MOE to verify the authenticity of your diploma/degree with the issuing college or university. Your signature must be handwritten. Digital signatures are not acceptable. See sample declarations, including unacceptable examples. Download a blank declaration.


Provide a digital copy of your ID photo. White background is preferred, while other background colors are acceptable. See sample ID photos, including unacceptable examples.


It’s optional, but highly encouraged, to provide additional proof of your study, such as transcripts or enrollment verification letters. See sample transcripts, including unacceptable examples.

Have all the documents ready to get your diploma authenticated by China MOE?